Straight spot welding electrodes (chapter A / B)

Ball electrodes and
swinging electrodes (chapter C)

Bended spot welding electrodes (chapter D)

Spot welding electrodes for welding nuts
or welding screws and welding bolts (chapter E)

Special electrodes, electrodes with insets, microelectrodes (chapter F)

Spot welding electrode caps and
electrode cap holders (chapter G)

Reducers, screw-in cones
gaskets (chapter H)

Electrode shafts / electrode holders (chapter I)

Electrode arms (chapter K)

Electrode holders / platen adapter / Star-electrode holder (chapter L)

Balancing units for welding galvanised sheet metals,
for tool sets and welding tools
and for projection welding

Contact nozzles / contact pipes

Our electrode materials
(technical data)

Our electrode demi-products
in all possible shapes and dimensions