Construction & Processing

Our highly skilled team will engineer and design for you in step with actual practice and down-to-earth!

WMA is the general agent for NIMAK-Welding Machines in Baden-Württemberg.

Our facilities:

  • Realisation of customised wishes
  • Development and specification of free and order related welding equipment, welding guns and fittings
  • Design and calculation of welding gun dimensions, cylinders and transformers
  • 3D-Interference check on CAD system
  • Calculation of mass moments of inertia, of weight specifications and of the center of gravity
  • Project and construction management
  • Compilation of documentations
Supported CAD Systems:
  • Auto-CAD
  • Catia
  • I-Deas
  • Fides
  • Inventor

Phone: +49 7062 9066-0
Fax: +49 7062 9066-20